Virtue Field House Track Converted to Runway, Students to Showcase the Covid Testing Outfits They’ve Been Planning all J-Term

One student models her newly dyed blonde hair, before hibernating in quarantine for several weeks.

Amidst a spur of changes to Middlebury’s Covid-19 policies, the administration has converted the track at the Virtue Field House into a runway to better showcase the outfits students have been planning all winter. Middlebury’s artsiest, most sylphlike students will don their most avant-garde or otherwise most flattering attire in order to make the best possible impression on their newly-returned classmates. 

Middlebury has invited a team of modeling scouts to sit along the bleachers beside the coat check – added after persistent complaints that fellow students could not see each other’s outfits when bogged down by bulky jackets.

One of the most anticipated outfits was from Carmelo Garguccia ‘22. The young stud sported a pair of corduroys from the Rutland Goodwill, paired with a mesh MOSCHINO $4,000 crop top. 

“When I began to conceptualize my outfit, I found myself taking inspiration from the greats: Gigi Hadid, meyer lemons, Picasso, the smell of oil burning, my late grandmother,” said Garguccia. “All of these came together to create the multimedia experience that fellow peers will have when they see me today.” 

Garguccia’s ex-lover, Pamanthe Cigarillo ‘23, was deeply touched by the outfit. “I really thought I’d moved on. But seeing them rocking Moschino’s latest reminded me of all of the good times we had,” said Cigarillo, holding back tears. 

Other students opted for more laid-back outfits, including navy blue Middlebury sweatshirts and simple khakis. Garguccia gasped upon seeing such students, “Innovative, radical, trailblazing. I am shaking in my socks–– magnifique! I must always expect the unexpected.” 

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