Ross Dining Hall Concludes Fourth Week of Exclusively Serving “Meals From Home”


Tonight’s selection follows Wednesday’s smash hit, chicken you forgot to thaw in time.

Today marked the 26th consecutive evening of Ross serving a “Meals from Home” style dinner to the Middlebury student body. Following last night’s smash-hit entree “noodles with butter” and Saturday’s “leftovers from Deborah’s casserole recipe,” Ross continued to emulate the classic home-meal experience by updating go/noms/ to declare that there would be “no dessert” and that you should “go straight to bed.”

Ross Dining Hall Head Chef, Your Mom, said, “Put that damn phone down while you’re at the table, I hope you don’t eat like this around your Middlebury friends.”

While some students have lauded the “Meals from Home” program’s commitment to authenticity, others, such as football team captain Drent Manning ‘21, are frustrated by the extremity of these recent measures.

“At school, I get all the chocolate milk I want. I just stick my head in the machine’s udder or whatever, and I get all 16 cups I need for the day in a matter of seconds. Now, I always need to ask Father to get more of the little cartons from the store. It’s humiliating.”

Manning also bemoaned the fact that his brother, who he clarified “is not my bro,” would not let him cut the line last night.

“I miss Midd Marinara the most of all,” said Louisa Zappanado ‘21. “My grandmother’s 16-spice recipe from the small Italian village she lived in for most of her life is just not the same.”

Brian Bean ‘23 isn’t as upset. “I’m just thankful I don’t have to eat Thanksgiving dinner for the fourteenth time in fifteen days.”


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