Vegans Upset About New Food Truck in Town

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 9.18.48 PM.png

The cows were later stopped by police for failing to yield to pedestrians.

Vegan activists were outraged when a recent video went viral depicting Middlebury’s newest food truck, Moove Along, which has recently opened in the middle of Main Street. The truck, which specializes in beef tartare, joins the Taste of India as one of the only restaurants in Middlebury that serves raw meat.

Animal activists are affronted by the truck’s reckless management of their meat supply. One vegan, Protanne Anna ‘21, said, “This is madness! These cows are spreading like a disease in our town.

“And not only does this truck encourage the consumption of unsustainable meat, but it also blocks traffic. How am I supposed to get to my 6 o’clock seitan-ic worship meeting on time?”

In response to the truck’s opening, the activists plan to protest by staging a “Moo In,” where they plan to milk each other in the town roundabout. All the milk that they produce will be donated to Yogurt City.

Despite these critiques, the truck owners claim that they are excited to take ‘local street food’ to a new, very literal level.

The cows themselves were a silent victim in the whole Moove Along affair. When asked for an opinion, they claimed they too were disoriented by the new location, and simply got lost on their way to Wednesday burger night at The Lobby.

After being informed that The Lobby closed two years ago, one cow said, “The Lobby? Closed? That is impossible! It is beyond me!”

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