Community Bias Response Team Gets Mad at Noodle For Making Them Do Their Job

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 8.28.17 PM.png

The CBRT cleverly decided to publicly target the student publication who brought the issue to light, without reaching out to them first, rather than go after the professor in question. 

The CBRT got miffed at the Noodle this Sunday morning after the beloved student publication rushed their month-long process of drafting a response to the Chem 103 test debacle.

The Noodle’s hilarious and viral article, which drew public attention to the incident, grew popular enough to force the CBRT to address an issue they had been planning on just sweeping under the rug.

When asked for her response, Campbell S. Noodle, the founder of the Noodle, said, “Honestly, we find it surprising that the CBRT is so against satire when they seem to have such a brilliant command of the art form.”

The CBRT, which was only formed this year, has been criticized for neglecting to both thoughtfully and publicly address problematic issues on campus in a timely fashion. In this case, they accordingly neglected to both thoughtfully and publicly address the Chem 103 test incident for over a month, and only did so after the Noodle’s article provoked a clearly rushed email two days later.

This email vaguely criticized the student publication for its “engagement with the Holocaust” and lazily equated its satirical article with the real issue at hand. Still, it represented their most successful attempt yet at actually doing something.

And in a surprising turn of events, several Noodle editors were offered internships at the CBRT, offers extended after the CBRT team likely realized the Noodle is much better at their job than they are.

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