Marxist Club To Protest Ty Dolla $ign Concert

Ty Dolla

Students across campus awoke today to find multiple advertisements for Mr. Dolla $ign’s concert had been vandalized by the Marxist Club.

Tensions broke loose this morning with regards to the MCAB-organized spring concert when the Marxist Club announced plans to protest Ty Dolla $ign’s performance later tonight in Kenyon Arena.

“We are disgusted, but not surprised, that our school has given a platform to such an unabashed proponent of the oppressive bourgeoisie regime,” says Marxist Club President Alistair Konfopler ‘19. “Along with such propaganda masters as A$AP Rocky, Ke$ha, and other performers who have a cash sign in their name, Ty Dolla $ign represents the hegemonic neoliberal ideology disseminated by the moneyed interests controlling our lives.”

He added, “Anybody who has listened to his song ‘Toot It and Boot It’ should be able to smell Adam Smith’s invisible yet dirty paws all over such lyrics as ‘she fucked back like a little slut’ or ‘I took her to the crib and you know I fucked.’ The overt commodification of the proletariat he’s promoting is just revolting.”

The club suggested that instead of bringing Ty Dolla $ign, MCAB should have “done what the student body really wants and organized secret militias in preparation for the forcible takedown of the capitalist administration pigs. Or they could have at least pushed harder to get Jerry Garcia.”

MCAB member Kate Florida ‘21 responded to the criticism saying, “A spectre is haunting Kenyon Arena, and it’d be really great if it could go away. We were this close to inviting the fourth Jonas brother to perform, so be grateful you serfs get anything.”

A representative for Middlebury Republicans said that the group supports protesting the concert, but for “other reasons.”


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