Elizabeth Warren To Join Class of 2021.5, Creating Most Diverse Feb Class to Date

standing rock

Senator Warren on a visit to Standing Rock.

This fall, Middlebury welcomed its most diverse class of first-year students in college history. Fall admits, according to the Admissions Office, came from 49 countries this year and all 50 states, with a record number of students of color representing the Class of 2022.

Despite this equitable progress in student demographics, however, many voice concern that these changes have not been applied to Feb classes in recent years. Luckily, that’s all about to change. The Admissions Office recently shared in a school-wide email that they were pleased to announce the admission of the first Native American feb, after Senator Elizabeth Warren accepted her offer to join the Feb Class of 2021.5.

“We’re really excited to announce our first Native American feb,” said Admissions Officer Earl Hurlburt. “Think about it: if she’s 0.18% Cherokee, by extension, the Feb Class is as a whole almost 0.00002% Cherokee. That’s our best record yet!”

When asked about her hopes for college, Warren said that she had big plans once she got to campus, including running for office, with a dream of being elected as Feb Senator. She’s also excited to neither write for nor read The Campus.

Warren’s classmates were thrilled about seeing her name on the class Facebook page, though many of them originally thought her profile was satirical. However, they realized it was indeed the Senator once she, too, posted about Standing Rock on the page. She also posted asking if her classmates already had plans for their febmesters, or if they’d be interested in joining her for a portion of the AT, where they can find her by her trail name, Pocahontas.

“I can’t wait to get to Vermont, it’s always been just around the riverbend!” said Warren when interviewed about her acceptance. However, she’s worried about being just another student who ran her senatorial campaign just outside Boston.

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