Soccer Team Holds Camp to Recruit New Econ Majors


Current seniors on the team spend lunch telling recruits which classes they’ll take, which circle tables they can sit at, and what number Atwater suite they will live in junior year. 

The coaches of the Middlebury men’s soccer are holding a summer camp to recruit players that will bring new life to the team and replace the senior econ majors that graduated last year.

Armed with this vision, the coaching staff organized a camp for high school athletes to showcase their talents, both on the field and in the back row of their 65-person lecture.

When asked about what they look for in the hopeful recruits, an assistant coach said, “We really just look for the fundamentals. Good footwork, conditioning, coachability, and most importantly, a basic understanding of the laws of supply and demand. And the more these kids can appreciate cross-price elasticities, the better. We expect a lot from these young men, but I’m sure they’ll rise to the challenge.”

Stephen Malcolm, a fresh recruit from Westport, CT, explained what brought him to Middlebury this summer by saying, “Well one of the things I love about Middlebury’s team is the diversity.

“You know, back in high school, all of my teammates all had such similar backgrounds. But here everyone is different—we have kids from St. Paul’s, St. George’s, St. Sebastian’s, Phillips Exeter, Kent, Deerfield—all over the place.”

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