Kids in BiHall Even Harder to Talk to than Before

language pledge bihall

A summer researcher tries to thank language school student for holding the door in three different languages.

Although kids in BiHall are notoriously condescending and hard to relate to during the semester, summer language pledges have made them even harder to talk to than before, according to several student workers.

“Whenever I go to BiHall to nap in the comfy chairs, I’ve always struggled talking to kids there,” says Sociology major Arnie Holland ‘19. “Whenever they go off about how many hours their last ‘MolGen’ test was, or about homologous recombination and class switching, it always feels like a different language.

“But this summer has seriously reached a new level. Now they won’t even let me try to understand their conversation.”

Holland’s report has been backed up by several other summer workers who feel like they just have nothing they can or are even allowed to say to the pack of kids milling about in the Great Hall. Even some of the STEM research assistants are beginning to feel ostracized from the spaces they call home during the academic year.

“I just don’t get it. BiHall is usually so inclusive,” said Amelia Roberts ‘20.5, an MBB major with a focus on selective deamination of inverted hexameric repeats. “I tried to talk to someone about the salicylanilide diethyl phosphates that might act as inhibitors for some mycobacterial enzymes, but instead of discussing its implications on drug-resistant tuberculosis, they said something in Russian and walked away. When did science become so polarizing?”

Luckily, despite their challenges in communication, summer workers and language school students have found one area of mutual understanding: a complete and utter disdain for the third floor admissions tours.  

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