Friend Who Called U.S. ‘Capitalist War Machine’ Tears Up at Fireworks Display


Although Annie Mellencamp ‘20.5 spent Fourth of July talking about the perils of nationalism and her ambivalence of supporting a country with such a war-torn imperial history, Dillon’s friends reported that she teared up and held her breath when she saw that big blue firework with all the spirals.

Indeed, though Dillon was able to spend hours rattling off descriptions of the Trail of Tears, the Panama Canal, Japanese internment camps, the Vietnam War, and Iraq, when the big red and white spirals got really close to the ground, Dillon starting saying “oh my god, oh my god” as if entranced, and even reached over to hold her friend’s hand.

According to her roommate, Jamie Jerome ‘20, “Annie’s been annoying all day about weird patriotism things. She kept rolling her eyes when Bruce Springsteen came on the radio, and when I offered to buy her a hot dog earlier, she said she didn’t want to eat my ‘Murder Pig,’ in some kind of vague reference to the Bay of Pigs.” Jerome shook her head and added, “She’s not even vegetarian.”

However, her reportedly self-righteous attitude all changed after the first batch of fireworks. In particular, Dillon seemed to love, “the white one that looks like a weeping willow, that blue one that goes up and then turns a bit red, and those really quick ones that go boom, boom, boom.” At that point in the show, according to Jerome, Dillon’s monologue about how incarceration was modern day slavery petered out and her quotes from Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow” were interrupted by a small sob and a quiet, “That is so beautiful.”

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