Boy Accidentally Speaks in Gender Class

Middlebury October 2009 Campus Photography

The students pretend to focus on their laptops in order to avoid the palpable tension in the room.

Last Thursday, in a misguided attempt to contribute to the class discussion of Sex and the Body, Kyle Rooke ‘20 erroneously offered his own insights in front of his entire section.

“I just thought I’d pitch in my two cents, ya know?” said Rooke, adding that he had barely spoken up all semester and wanted to make sure that his voice would be heard. “It’s just I’ve been thinking a lot about second wave feminism recently and figured I should get my thoughts out there.”

After Rooke brazenly offered his thoughts on interpreting Thomas Lacquer through Judith Butler’s lens on intersectionality, the entire class sat silently for a full two minutes. Indeed, the discussion only resumed once Rooke packed his bag and simply left the room, at which point his classmates brusquely carried on with their previous discussion.

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