BevCo Institutes Swipe System


A freshman stands awkwardly waiting for the green light to let him in.

As of next Tuesday, BevCo will follow the example of campus dining halls and install card swipe machines at its front entrance. All customers will be asked to swipe their ids as they enter, unless they’re carrying empty beer cans back to the store.

The swipe machines are intended to make sure only eligible customers are allowed into the shop. For the most part, this refers to those on the meal plan, predominantly underclassmen. These customers are forced to wait for a few painful seconds waiting for the swipe machines to confirm that they are indeed under 21.

Initially, customers were outraged at the imposition. BevCo has taken drastic steps to quell the outrage. Store manager Kevin Parley said, “We know that our customers are opposed to the measure, but that’s why we’re offering our customers new extra extra large to-go boxes, ones big enough to carry 50-racks. We will also be granting customers now a $25 allowance at Nino’s.”

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