Students’ Prayers for PaperCut Renovations Finally Answered by New Background Visual

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 8.30.47 PM

The new PaperCut visual allows students to feel more connected to nature as they submit their essays a dozen times to the Non-Library Printers and beat their head against the Proctor window.

After years of universal frustration with PaperCut, Middlebury’s online printing system, students’ prayers have finally been answered in the form of a new background visual. The light green image completely restyles the printing experience, and makes the process of staring at your laptop and repeatedly clicking ‘submit document’ much more enjoyable and relaxing.

“I used to get really frustrated when I had to submit an assignment and PaperCut refused to render my document,” said Talesi Nall ‘18. “But now that they uploaded that green, urban-looking image, the whole experience feels much more gratifying.”

Although the Middlebury Online Administrators have received a lot of criticism lately for the failures of systems like STAREZ and Bannerweb, the new PaperCut background is sure to demonstrate a concerted effort in the right direction. Indeed, many students are speculating that the visual was strategically launched right after STAREZ crashed three times last week, as something of a public relations Hail Mary.

Students are incredibly grateful that PaperCut has finally addressed some of the concerns they have been voicing for years about the subpar system. The update gives them hope that the Administration might decide to respond to some of their other requests for updates, such as by adding a picturesque photo of some mountains to the Student Handbook Protest Policy.

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