Prospies Delighted to Discover Middlebury’s Sunny, Temperate Climate


Many prospies decided on Middlebury after both experiencing the glorious sunshine and also trying a sip of the dining halls’ chocolate milk.

The hordes of prospies swarming around campus today were pleasantly surprised by Middlebury’s consistently sunny and temperate climate, nothing like the wintery hell they’d been warned against. Indeed, the light breeze and blue skies proved that Middlebury is a gorgeous and comfortably warm location, just like all the Admissions photos promised.

“One of the main reasons I was hesitant about coming to Middlebury was the weather,” said Alex Faverell, an accepted student from Los Angeles, California. “But Middlebury has been the warmest college I’ve visited by far! That really makes the decision easier.”

Indeed, Faverell says that he had been leaning towards Pomona because of his severe case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, but it had rained there on his preview day. Now, after experiencing the gorgeous Middlebury sunshine firsthand, he said with a shrug, “why would I turn down a school that’s been so sunny and lovely both of the days I’ve visited?”

Faverell also added, “It’s amazing that we can go to school in a place so warm, and still go skiing just 20 minutes away!”



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