Snow Bowl Closes Season for Skiing, Opens Season for Sunrise Photoshoots


Students are grateful that the Snow Bowl built these strange metal chairs to provide better angles during shoots.

As Middlebury enjoyed a few days of lovely 70 degree weather, the Snow Bowl finally decided to end the season for skiing and snowboarding and open season for sunrise photoshoots. This marks the true beginning of spring for many students, and the popular season generally lasts until late fall, when it becomes too cold for students to hike up the Bowl at 5 a.m. and take photos of themselves.

Although many students already miss the ability to spontaneously go skiing with their friends on a free afternoon, they recognize that the new hiking season will offer just as many opportunities to enjoy nature and post Snap stories that broadcast how outdoorsy they are.

“I mean, I love skiing,” said Christine Dorafi ‘17, “but sometimes the snow can be too bright for my camera, or it’s too cold for me to take off my gloves. In those moments I just can’t wait for sunrise hikes, or to mix up the feed, sunset hikes.”

According to Snow Bowl experts, once the photoshoot season enters full swing, the sheer quantity of Instagram, facebook, and Snapchat posts can be shocking, especially given the similarity amongst photos.

“I think my Instagram really expresses me. Photography is my art,” said one senior, after posting a picture of pink clouds that was almost identical to the posts of seven close friends.

No doubt, friends at other colleges are highly jealous of Middkids who somehow manage to post weekly photos of the top of the mountain, often captioned, “my happy place :)” or some variation thereof. They, like the rest of us, are impressed at how these Instagrammers manage to hustle up the mountain so early in the day, especially when the self-same students often sleep through morning classes and breakfast hours. It confirms the Admissions claim about how far Middlebury students will go to pursue their artistic dedication.

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