New York Times Gives Midd Most Attention Since Article When We Were Top of All the Charts

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 8.10.18 PM

The New York Times has written more articles this week about Middlebury than it has since mid-January, when it published an article celebrating how Middlebury surpassed NESCAC schools in almost every measure of wealth considered.

Middlebury, a small college in Vermont, is flattered by this extended spotlight from the New York Times, which has so kindly decided to write four entire articles on Middlebury this week in lieu of pieces about, say, Trump’s new immigration bans, or how Republicans are trying to include a clause in their new medicare which gives tax cuts to insurance executives who make over $500,000.

The 200 or so students that protested are proud that the college is receiving this level of attention, explaining that the school hasn’t been featured in headlines this prominent since Middlebury swept the charts in The New York Times article about wealth on college campuses. That article, which placed the average Middlebury family income in the 86% percentile, was almost as flattering to the school as the recent publications.

When asked about his thoughts on the national focus on Middlebury this year, Jordan Roman ‘17 said, “I liked that old article because it was just so nice to see us finally beating all the other NESCAC’s at something, you know?” He also said he loved that the graphs in the January article were interactive, “especially the one with all those pretty pastel colors, that showed that a quarter of our students are from the top 1%.”

Undoubtedly, this media attention has placed a level of pressure on the Middlebury administration to generate more newsworthy events on campus. Currently, they are planning on continuing the trend by criminalizing the student protesters and inspiring even more protests.

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