Student Confident He’ll Get Into Over-Enrolled Biology Class After Emailing Professor That He “Likes Animals”


Campbell ’20 celebrates his impending acceptance into the class after explaining that he “loves hiking and nature things like that.”

Although Cell Biology and Genetics has -2 seats available, Robert Campbell ‘20 reports feeling confident that he will be accepted into the introductory course after having emailed the professor that he “really likes animals.” In his personalized email, which was sent 20 minutes after the cell biology class had already started, Campbell explained to the professor that he was ‘highly interested’ in the course because he “gets along really well with his two pet golden retrievers.” He also added that he, “really liked trees and stuff when I was younger, too.”

Despite the 26-person-long waitlist for the genetics course, Campbell is positive that his note about nature will separate him from the other students. When asked to comment, he added, “I’m also a Political Science major, so that helps too, that I’ve already declared science.” After sending his email, Campbell immediately dropped his back-up class and went to purchase the $350.00 textbook from the College Bookstore.

At press time, Campbell had emailed the professor a second time to ask about how he could log onto the Canvas, even after the teacher explicitly invited anybody on the waitlist to leave only three minutes into the first lecture.

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