Guilt Trip Officially Mom’s Favorite Vacation


Petricus relishes the moment after successfully making her daughter feel bad for enjoying two days of perfect skiing.

Although Charlotte Petricus was disappointed her family was unable to pull together a getaway this winter break, she found solace in enjoying the cheaper and more accessible vacation of an extended guilt trip. After her husband and kids decided to go skiing for a couple of days without her, Petricus realized she had all the material she needed to lean back for a couple of days and soak in the power she was hoarding over her loved ones.

“Oh, don’t worry about me,” she sighed with a secret smile as they called to ask how she was doing. “I’m just sitting here, wondering how I failed as a mother. Oh no, really, I’m fine.”

After she hung up, Petricus realized that the guilt trip offered even more relaxation than any beach chairs or piña coladas ever could.

Many other moms have found similar therapeutic experiences in guilt trips, which offer a lasting calm that they usually can’t find on real vacations, even the ones they’ve put weeks into planning… but oh, the kids never cared about her time, did they.

Indeed, these moms, like Petricus, admit that though they do derive a lot of pleasure from catching their kids in these guilt traps, they are willing to stop after this break because that’s what the kids need, and this is just another sacrifice they guess they’ll have to make.

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