Christmas Great Opportunity to Brush Up Explanation of Middlebury For Grandparents


Students across the country enjoyed being home this week to enjoy holiday traditions with their families, like cooking big meals, giving and receiving gifts, and explaining to their grandparents, yet again, that Middlebury is a small but really good college in Vermont.

“I understand that your friends haven’t heard of it, but it’s still a good school. And no, I don’t know what I’m studying yet,” said hundreds of underclassmen around the nation, patiently repeating themselves for the third time under the glare of their grandparents’ raised eyebrows.

Upperclassmen, who have had more experience with this conversation, reported that their grandparents are starting to understand Middlebury more than previous years, but that there still seems to be a limit in what they can grasp.

“This year, we had to establish that it was in Vermont and not Maine a few times, but they seemed to remember the general gist of the school,” said Alice Harvey, ‘17.

Although students are getting tired of repeating these conversations each year, they feel confident overall that with patience and repetition, their grandparents might start to get the grasp of what Middlebury really is and the value of attending it. Until then, students can only add “patience” to their New Years’ Resolutions, and hope their high school senior cousins don’t get into Stanford, because their grandparents definitely understand what that is.

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