Second Riddim Show Way More Impressive Than First, Says Heavily Intoxicated Audience


One audience member was spotted rushing on stage, grabbing a performer’s guitar, and showing an impressive display of flexibility, before forgetting to catch his fall and ending up with a leg brace.

Although the first and second Riddim shows shared the exact same choreography, music, and troop members, audience reports suggest that the second audience seemed “much more impressed by the show” than the first group. Despite this fact, that the only difference in the shows was a start time of 10:00 instead of 7:30, somehow the second audience exceeded the first audience’s reviews of “yeah, good show,” and opted instead for responses like “ho-ly fucking shit, oh my god, that was like the best thing I’ve ever SEEn.”

“That was fucking incredible!” said one audience member as he staggered out of Wilson at 11:00 p.m. tonight. “I haven’t been to a rager that big since (hiccup)… since I started Middlebury!”

After offering this review, the audience member was spotted leaning on a group of confused-looking girls in the Grille, who slowly backed away as he described in detail, “the way he could like feel the music, you know?”

Members of the Riddim troop are happy with how the show went, and say they were “especially  appreciative of the second audience’s enthusiasm.”

“The first audience was nice, you know. They clapped and were super respectful,” said Patricia Tart ‘16.5, one Riddim member, as she rolled her eyes. “But the second show- woowee! That’s where it’s at. Sometimes I forgot who was performing!”

Surprisingly enough, this trend of second performances outshining first performances seems to hold true for other student groups, such as Discount Comedy and improv shows. The large “second-performance” effect is even starting to make ripples in the faculty, where teachers are debating the disadvantages of having two discussion sections in a row, and are brainstorming ways to make those classes equally “lit” for all students.

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