Students Excited to Return Home and End Long Distance Relationships

Guy in car with thumb up

This student is absolutely jazzed to hug all of his cousins, play with his dog, and tear his girlfriend’s heart apart, tendril by tendril.

“I can’t wait to go home so I can hug my mom, and crush my girlfriend’s heart,” said fifteen to twenty different students as they left campus yesterday for Thanksgiving Break. “There’s nothing like seeing my family, eating some good turkey, and cutting all ties with the person who has been a part of my soul for two years.”

As the excitement of summer flings fade and freshmen experience their first semester apart from loved ones, long distance relationships on all parts of campus are being called into question. Although many relationships have already fizzled out throughout the course of the semester, some real troopers have been waiting it out until Thanksgiving Break so they could totally obliterate their high school sweethearts’ dreams in person.

“I really didn’t want to end things with my boyfriend over the phone” said Tiffany Smyrna, ’20. “It’s less respectful that way. Plus, then I wouldn’t get to see the light leave his eyes as he realizes his life plans are utterly falling apart.”

Although these students are grateful for the chance to get out of tough commitments that have been constricting their social lives all semester, they still admit they are sometimes unsure if they will be able to form better relationships at Middlebury.

“So far, I haven’t really met any good options here at Midd,” said one student, who preferred to remain anonymous. “I mean, the only person I’d really go for here is my geology professor. But I guess that would rock.”

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