Some Feb Somewhere Probably Taking Profile Picture with Orphan Right Now


One feb hit the jackpot with her Southeast Asia program and got this breathtaking photo, soon to receive 300+ Facebook likes. When a fellow classmate on the page asked where she took it, she responded, “idk some rando village, lol!”

The Middlebury Admissions team had a strong hunch today that some feb, somewhere, is probably taking their next Facebook profile picture with an orphan. The feeling came over the office team abruptly as they sat over their Friday lunch and the head Admissions officer had a flash vision of a fit, blond girl hugging a crying 6 year-old Thai orphan and pointing her shoulders towards the camera.

“Oh my god,” said the Admissions officer as he dropped his sandwich. “That’s gotta be an admitted feb.”

Although febs are already known on campus for their adventurous spirit and the ways in which they make this adventurous spirit very clear, the Admissions office adds that they like to make sure febs have very exotic online profiles.

“There’s nothing that embodies the ‘feb spirit’ like a photo of a white kid in some African village,” explained Ryan Povitch, one junior Admissions officer. “We support any student who wants to take a semester off to go to Tanzania and find themselves… a new profile picture or cover photo.”

“Even if it’s just an Instagram,” added Povitch. “That works just fine.”

According to feb Facebook page statistics, orphans currently hold the first place to maximize ‘likes.’ After that, any photos on a mountain peak or partaking in some white water sport “also tend to do pretty well.”

As the grade of 2020.5 wraps up their adventures and prepares for the beginning of their college careers, the Admissions office and student body alike would like to extend their welcome to the new students, and say they can’t wait to hear about how formative their $5k programs were.

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