Girl Worried Losing Virginity While Dressed as Cat Will Give Boyfriend Wrong Idea



Falland ’18 and her boyfriend pictured in their Ridgeline apartment with a pet cat he gave her, named ‘Princess Leia.’

After waking up on Sunday morning with whiskers still etched on her face, Isabel Falland ‘18 realized it might have been a mistake to lose her virginity while dressed up like a cat for Halloween. Although she ‘did the deed’ with her loving boyfriend of three months, when she rolled over at 10 a.m. on Sunday and saw the tuft of cat ear sticking from her hair, she realized that her costume might have given her boyfriend the wrong idea.

“It’s just that now, looking back, I have to question why he was into it, you know?” asked a bewildered Falland to her friends at Sunday brunch. “Was he into it because we have a deep emotional connection and had a night of pure physical intimacy? Or was it because I was wearing a furry vest and occasionally clawed at him?”

Although Falland’s friends were unable to answer these questions, or her desperate cry of, “What if he expects this to be a regular thing?,” they did report picking up on signs that Falland’s boytoy likes her even when she doesn’t have her feline garb on.

In the middle of the brunch, Falland stumbled upon a photo her boyfriend had posted holding his cat, and immediately burst into tears.

As almost a year of costumelessness approaches, Falland et al are deeply hoping her boyfriend ‘realizes that this was a one-time thing.’ He, however, claims to have already ordered her a golden Princess Leia bikini for “next Halloween, or, er, whatever comes before that.”

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