Halloween Store In Town Has Purpose For First Time in 360 Days


The town of Middlebury, wishing there was a time of year when Sports ‘n Goal had a purpose.

As Halloween approaches, the costume store in town finally remembered its purpose after a low season of 51 weeks. Although things had been getting tight around the store for about 359 or 360 days, the huge spike in purchases this week makes the owners feel confident that, unlike past years, this trend is here to stay.

“Things had been so quiet since the beginning of last November, but I have a feeling this is the year it lasts!” said Devon Brown, one of the store owners. “So many people have come in this week – it’s probably because they heard about our new deal, buy one corset, get the second one half off!”

Other store clerks feel similarly excited about the recent wave of shoppers, and are grateful to help kids find the costume they “really need.” Stephanie Thomas, a part-time store worker, said, “There’s no better feeling than helping a confused kid figure out what costume piece is perfect for them, whether that’s a historically accurate tribal chief or something more simple, like a latex horse mask.”

Although the jump in purchases has been promising for the store, the owners recognize that “we’ll need something more long term this year if we’re gonna stay in business.” They also noted that it might be time to reassess their costume inventory, after not a single sombrero or poncho was purchased.

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