Students Glad to See Parents After Five Whole Days Separated

Middlebury College Fall Family Weekend 2013 Saturday 10/12/2013

Students gather with their families on Parents Weekend, already looking forward to next week’s reunion.

Students from Vermont, Connecticut, Boston, and Manhattan’s Upper West Side are “super glad” to see their parents this fall break after a full four days of separation. Though students are used to going months at a time without seeing their parents, they were glad the randomly placed fall break came only five days after their parents could afford to take work off, travel up to campus, and take them and their friends out for nice dinners two nights in a row.

Many students say the five days in between the two visits felt like an eternity, partly because seeing their parents made them realize how much they miss them. Tessa McGrooble ‘16.5, one student fortunate enough to see her parents both weekends, said, “After my parents came last weekend, it made me realize all the things I miss about them: like their bad jokes, or having access to a car on campus.”

No international students were available to comment for this article.

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