Day Declared “Officially Over” After Pants Taken Off

B893F8 A young man using his laptop computer while still lying in bed.

Johns, ’17, after fully completing his Thursday at 4:40pm.

Sources reported Thursday afternoon that the day had been declared officially over after Tim Johns, ’17, took his pants off upon returning to his dorm after class.

“Fuck it,” Johns said, taking his pants off immediately upon entering his room at 4:35 in the afternoon, dorm room sources confirmed. Though the sun had not yet set, and most humans in North America were still awake, at work, and fully-clothed, Johns decided that he deserved to officially end his day before 5:00pm, after waking up at 11:00 to attend two 50-minute classes.

Johns reportedly thought to himself that if he hadn’t had an afternoon class, he would have taken his pants off earlier.

“Thank god,” Johns said to his roommate as he climbed pants-less into his lofted bed, “it’s been a long day.”

When reached for comment about his upcoming plans, Johns admitted his only goal at the moment was to “make it through the rest of this week,” which entails attending an hour-long discussion section Friday morning.

At press time, Johns reportedly reclined further in his twin bed and logged into GrillMe, rather than get dressed again for dinner.

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