Midd Proud to be First College to Accidentally Accept a Black Student


Twilight Hall, named in honor of Alexander Twilight just after the college realized they could capitalize on their accident.

Despite growing concerns surrounding a lack of diversity in recent years, Middlebury is proud of its history as the first American college to accept a black student, after graduating Alexander Twilight in 1823.

“This is just another perfect example of how liberal Middlebury is, and always has been,” said one bubbly Admissions officer, as she paused her work on a poster entitled “MIDDLEBURY IS VERY DIVERSE.”

She added, “Also, just look at our location! We aren’t just talking about Middlebury here. Vermont has always valued diversity.”

As she wrapped up working on her poster, the Admissions officer elaborated more on Middlebury’s long history of inclusivity – “for example, the chili fest! That’s cultural!” When asked about Twilight’s white-passing appearance, she blushed, and added that Admissions had wanted to explain that hiccup, but had somehow ran out of room in all of the pamphlets.

“It was tough to find a spot for the truth, in between so many photos of all of our many students of color,” she admitted regrettably. “Looks like we’ll just have to keep this version going for now!”

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