Group of Biddies Discuss How Other Friend is a Total Biddy


‘Da crew’ sending a snap to Sophie, who was busy teaching a cycling class. It was captioned: “wish you were here!!!!!”

When Hannah Green ’17, Rielly Cardenas ’17, Kiki Mayhew ’17, and the other members of “da crew ❤ ❤ ❤ ” group text gathered for a Proctor lunch yesterday, close friends were surprised to find that the biddy clique dedicated their entire get together to discussing how their friend Sophie Debre is “a total biddy.”

It took twenty-two minutes after entering the dining hall for ‘da crew’ to cut their apples and scoop their almond butter, but when they finally settled at a large circle table in the front, the biddies wasted no time before dissecting Debre’s every fashion choice and Instagram post.

“I mean, she literally could not look more basic in this photo,” said Cardenas, as she sipped on a soy nonfat chai tea latte she had somehow made near the coffee station. “Wait! I have that purse!”

When the lunch ended and ‘da crew’ finally hugged each other goodbye until their dinner, each member agreed she felt much more grounded and proud of how she managed to rise above being a biddy.

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