Clubs with No Spots Encourage People to Come to Auditions



Students of all grades are gathering courage to try out for all the clubs their friends cheerfully invite them to, convinced that “this is the year” they’ll finally get it.

Although not one dance, improv, or coed a cappella group had spots for any more members this fall, all of the clubs decided to hold auditions anyways and personally encouraged friends and strangers to attend.

“You should totally come try out!” one Bobolinks singer, Haille Apples ’17, enthusiastically told her good friend Sara. “It’ll be fun! And we’re always looking for new talent.”

Apples proceeded to offer a ten minute explanation of why auditions were fun, and briefly mentioned she was “not sure how many people they can take” before elaborating on why Sara would “be perfect for the group.”

This phenomena was found across groups of different interests. One set of freshmen after being pressured into trying out for Riddim, and soon discovering that the group posted a time for callbacks, but did not ask a single auditioner to attend.

This approach counters that of the improv group Middlebrow, which invited every auditioner to attend callbacks, but then did not accept a single one into the group. When confronted on his group’s decision to persuade students to put themselves out there, only to get instantly rejected, club member Ryan Tortorella ‘18 said, “Look, even if we don’t accept that many people, auditions are really fun. Improv is fun. Right?” Tortorella then turned to a group of silent freshmen auditioners, who were unable to comment given their overwhelming anxiety about performing at the audition.

Although many of these clubs are full, students are still encouraged to check out online Middlebury Communities page to see a full list of all of the other clubs that don’t want them.

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