Student’s Summer Was “Good”


Students opt for pat on the shoulder, after awkwardly debating handshake or hug.

When asked by an acquaintance how his summer was, John Hammersmith ’18 replied that his summer had been “good.” The peer asking, Frankie Lorde ’18, had befriended Hammersmith in a geology class the previous semester, and although he had not talked to or thought of Hammersmith once over the summer, he was glad to hear that his friend had enjoyed his time off, even in this nonspecific and uninformative way.

Lorde and Hammersmith’s interaction continued when Hammersmith tactfully asked, “How about yours?” Coincidentally, Lorde replied that his summer, too, was good. According to outside reports, the two friends nodded and smiled for a couple seconds before patting each other awkwardly and continuing on their paths to Proctor and Starr, respectively.

As a community, Middlebury is grateful that the two students enjoyed their recent few months, proud of them for doing whatever it was they did, and hopes that they continue on to have good semesters, good years, and good lives.

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