Mom Dropping Off Son Somehow Finds Way to Compliment Battell


Freddy’s new dorm, which Annie somehow described as “homey” and “sweet.”

When Annie Davis helped move her son Freddy Davis ‘20 into his first dorm room in orientation today, she somehow found a way to compliment Battell. “Oh, look at this wallpaper! It’s so… well lit!” she offered enthusiastically while the duo carried his fridge back out from his room, which didn’t have enough space for it.

“And oh, Freddy, look how sweet that is!” Annie said later, when a mouse sprinted by his dorm. “You have dorm pets!”

Apparently, the loving mother managed to maintain this optimism even when he told her that his first year seminar, A Racial Analysis of Homer’s The Odyssey, would be taught exclusively in ancient Greek. To that she replied, “How exotic!” – the same response she offered when Freddy learned his roommate liked to practice blood sacrifices in their shared closet space.

Despite the challenges Freddy has already faced, little does the Davis family know that Annie’s optimism won’t be truly tested until Freddy gets rejected from the soccer team that actively recruited him. For now, we can only hope Annie’s correct in her advice for Freddy to “calm down by taking a nice long bath. How sweet, to have them right here in the dorm!”

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