‘It Wasn’t Me’ Still Best Song Ever



Studies demonstrate that after students who belt the repetitive chorus (“it wasn’t me”), they grow quiet once the verse “honey come in…” starts and there are actual lyrics to know.

A recent poll shows that students across campus unanimously agree that ‘It Wasn’t Me,’ Shaggy’s 2008 hit about a cheating accusation, is still the best song ever.

Many other 2008 hits saw their peak dwindle as bar mitzvah season music transitioned towards electronic beats, but somehow ‘It Wasn’t Me’ has only skyrocketed in popularity over time, within groups ranging from male athletes all the way to the social activists.

Some music experts attribute this to the unexplainable phenomenon that even though the song was released only eight years ago, it has somehow already adopted a “throwback” or “classic” vibe. As such, many describe it as the “Don’t Stop Believin’” of our generation, another song which, without any special music quality, still inexplicably became the “best song ever” in the 2000’s.

As of yet, it is hard to say if the obsession with ‘It Wasn’t Me’ is a passion or a phase, but we can only hope that if the day comes where its legacy flickers, it is replaced by another song of its caliber, such as “Tik Tok” or “Gasolina.”

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