First Student to Visit Commons Office This Semester Actually Just Lost in Ross Basement


As a testament to group spirit, the Ross team members decided to make this photo of Ross dining their screensavers.

Last Wednesday, the Ross Commons Coordinator Elsa and RA Nicole were ecstatic to greet the first student to visit their office this semester, only to realize that he had actually ended up there by mistake.

The Dynamic Duo, as the Ross team call themselves, had been waiting by the door holding brownies and balloons for the full four hours before freshman Steve Bryant ’20 took a wrong turn on the way to Ross breakfast.

“It felt like they were throwing a surprise birthday party for me, but no one was invited,” said a confused Bryant, who could not understand why the two women were smiling so intensively as they poured free candy into his backpack.

When asked about the incident, the duo claimed they “were so happy to help Steve find his way here at Middlebury,” and that they “could only hope more students drop by the office when they need a similar little pick-me up.”

According to sources close to the Dynamic Duo say that the pair is already planning their next celebratory bash, which will take place in a month. Until then, the Duo plans to focus on sending the weekly, unread “Ross council emails” and not trying to fix the broken printer, the only thing students actually needed from the office in the first place.

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