Bookstore Offers Fair Deal on Textbooks


The Middlebury Bookstore, where students could previously be seen taking out loans in order to rent textbooks for the semester.

Many students returning to campus were dumbstruck when they realized that the Middlebury College Bookstore intended to sell textbooks for this upcoming semester at a reasonable price.

“I almost didn’t even check the bookstore this year, because after 3 years here, I didn’t want to waste my time,” said one senior, Jade Haighney ’17, in disbelief. “But then I saw the textbooks were only $75 more than normal Amazon prices, and I couldn’t believe my eyes!”

Although the bookstore has offered no explanation as to why the bookstore decided to lower the price on textbooks, many students are hypothesizing the many new failed textbook exchange initiatives cut into their business model.

Many students are now hoping that the bookstore will decide to similarly discount popular school apparel, such as the “Latina Americana Studies” crew-neck t-shirt.

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