Student Nervous in Lecture Hall Until Announcement about Emergency Exits



Students in the lecture hall anxiously wait to be informed about the emergency exits as the speaker wastes time thanking the college.

When Jackson Humes ’18 attended an optional lecture on aquatic life in the Dana Auditorium last week, he reported feeling fidgety and anxious until the speaker pointed out that the emergency exits were located in the back left side of the room.

Sources close to Humes report that the student was visibly anxious and glancing around until the introductory speaker, a professor at the Monterey campus, said offhand, “Oh, and I almost forgot, I’m supposed to say that the emergency exits are in the back of the room.” At this, Humes exhaled, and was able to ease into his seat.

Although Jackson had sat in the Dana Auditorium for more than six previous lectures, he still found the announcement calming and informative. Several other students have also come forward to voice their appreciation for the emergency exit announcements, which, they claim, are “way more useful and calming than the fluorescent green EXIT signs.”

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