Empty Beer Can on Ross Ramp Reminder of the Crazy Weekend You Didn’t Have



Ross Dining as pictured last Friday afternoon, in pristine condition before a weekend of partygoers on the walkway had way more fun than you.

As Patricia Lockhart ’19 walked from her 5th floor Ross suite to the dining hall for breakfast last Monday morning, an empty Heineken can strewn on the ramp served as a vicious reminder of the crazy weekend that she didn’t have.

The sight of the poorly disposed silver can distracted her, interrupting her mental preparation for classes and forcing her to confront questions she had been repressing about why her social life was so unfulfilling.

Lockhart grappled with these internal accusations on the remainder of her 42-second walk to the dining hall. She also reported that just as she built up her self-esteem and sense of self, the sight of yet another beer can crammed into the battery disposal just really brought everything crashing down.

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