Walk To and From Gym Officially Recognized as Full Exercise Routine



The Peterson Family Complex, where athletes can be seen pushing their limits and non-athletes can be seen catching their breath near the water fountain at the entrance.

In an effort to encourage physical activity among non-athletes on campus, last week the Middlebury Athletic Committee officially agreed to recognize the walk to and from the gym as a full exercise routine in and of itself.

“Although we do hope that students could make just the teeny little extra effort to actually enter the gym, and find some work-out to do there, we recognize the mental and physical drive needed to make it that far in the first place,” said the president of the Middlebury Athletic Committee, Thomas Gulfson, in their quarterly press release.

The committee was apparently split on the issue, with some disagreement concerning whether students coming from close dorms like Meeker or Starr should still be able to feel as proud of their exercise as students hauling from Ross or Coffrin. After some weeks of stalemate, however, these naysayers finally agreed that it was still pretty darn impressive that students made the effort to put on athletic clothes and forced themselves to walk all the way to the gym, which, even for the close dorms, still feels very, very far.

At the end of their press release, the Committee also added that although students should already feel proud after completing this walk routine, they could also try and push themselves to reach the next level by going from the gym to Ross dinners, thus spanning all of campus, “even if they just have tofu steak.”

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