Proctor Staff Realizes ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ Perfect Way to Recycle 5,261 Extra Tater Tots


Students walk despondently from station to station in Proctor, searching for a food source that is not the small bits of fried potatoes they had earlier that day.

Last Thursday as the Proctor Staff faced a surplus 5,261 tater-tots, newly hired Chuck Erickson realized the team could put these tots to good use by hosting a ‘Breakfast for Dinner’ night. Erickson claims the epiphany hit him as all 23 employees were staring silently at the frozen tots, unsure what the next step could be.

“We knew we had too many tots, and we knew we didn’t have enough real food for dinner, and that’s when it just hit me,” explained Erickson with a shrug. At first, he claims, the staff was reluctant to force students to endure yet another round of bacon and ketchup, when they were expecting real food.

Head of Proctor Staff, Melissa Mandalbay, said, “See, students will eat just about anything for breakfast. Put out something squishy and yellow, call it an egg, and students will gobble it right up. Especially after a weeknight.” However, she also pointed out that usually by dinnertime, “that kind of food just won’t fly.”

Despite Mandalbay’s reservations, as the 5 p.m. deadline approached, the staff warmed up to the idea. According to sources walking by Proctor at the time, a loud groan could be heard emanating from the 4:00 o’clock Proc-ers as the 5,000+ tater tots began to sizzle.

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